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Commercial Wine Storage

Wine storage refrigeration for a local winery is designed to store wine at 57F.  Powered by a 1.5HP Copeland scroll XJ condensing unit with Emerson’s core sense technology, electronic diagnostic protection, and VFD fan motor.

Sound reduction technology is built into the XJ Series, with an electronically controlled variable speed fan motor and exclusive fan blade design permitting virtually noiseless operation as temperatures fall at night.

The latest Copeland Scroll XJ refrigeration compressors provide the highest annual energy efficiency levels, along with superior reliability. Combined with a variable speed fan motor, oversized condenser coil, high efficiency fan blade and proprietary electronic algorithms to optimize energy performance, the unit delivers the lowest annual electricity bills. When compared to standard industry units, operators can generally expect a payback of less than one year from energy savings alone by upgrading to the Copeland Scroll Outdoor Condensing Unit.




Control Panel

Condensing Unit