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Energy efficient options with VFD condenser motors and electronic refrigeration controllers that are 15 to 50% in energy savings and title 24 energy compliant.  Per controller energy rebates available!! Contact us to have one of our energy specialists explain all the options and savings the system can provide.


  • Cycles evaporator fans, using the cooling energy stored in frost build-up to cool the room and reduce the need for defrost thereby reducing energy usage.
  • Tight temperature control minimizes product shrinkage, uses less energy.
  • Energy savings from eliminating up to 87% of defrosts compared to time based systems. Eliminates ice formations on floors and ceilings.  (typical freezer install)
  • Up to $800 per year in savings.
  • Available email/text alerts for networked controllers as well as a relay for standard audible and visible alarms.
  • Built-in webpage for remote access and system information in real time with graph reports that’s accessible from any computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Available System Options:

  • Door SwitchControlled_Env164
  • Light Control
  • External/Internal AlarmsKE2_Evap_-_with_mounting_tabs
  • Shut Down SwitchKE2_Low_Temp_cropped_sm
  • Humidity Control
  • Tablet Computer Display

Service Plans Available:


  • We monitor the energy controller and receive alerts directly.  If a problem occurs we can remote into the system to make repairs or contact the customer to setup a service call before the problem gets worse.


  • Independent 4G internet access specifically for the energy controller system.  Includes router, modem, and installation.