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Liquor Store Cooler

Custom made walk-in and reach-in coolers for liquor store refrigeration.  Energy efficient LED lights and anti-sweat door heater controls.  All systems are controlled by an energy efficient fan, defrost, and temperature control that provides energy savings 15-50% over mechanically controlled systems.  Maximizes energy efficiency with less compressor run time resulting from  fewer and shorter defrosts, and re-humidification of conditioned space to increase product shelf life.  System is configured for remote webpage access and email/text alerts.

  • 13 glass door walk-in beer cooler with two redundant 2Hp Copeland scroll systems.  Retailer main door for easy access in/out of the box.
  • 3 glass door red wine cooler with temperature and humidity control
  • 2 glass door white wine and champagne cooler with temperature and humidity control



13 Door Beer Cooler



Evaporator and Control

Evaporator and Control

Wine Cooler

3 Door Red Wine – 2 Door White Wine