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Onion Storage Room

10,000 Sq. Ft. Onion Storage Room

System is designed for long term red onion storage at 34F temperature and 70% humidity. Controlled by (2) redundant 40HP R404-A semi-hermetic Copeland discus compressors with core sense technology.  Variable frequency drive condenser fan motors resulting in an approximate energy savings of 20-30%.  System is controlled by an energy efficient mainframe that controls temperature, humidity, electronic expansion valve, superheat, and evaporator fan cycling.  Defrosts are done on a demand basis as needed and pulses the defrost heaters to save energy.  Settings are changed on a mounted wireless tablet computer with remote outside access available.  Data logging with a graphical interface, and system emails keep us aware of any problems.  Provides energy savings 15-50% over mechanically controlled systems.

Our unit is designed to meet the demands of multiple load applications required for commercial and industrial refrigeration. These multiple compressor units bridge the gap between individual systems and large multiple compressor rack systems for the warehouse industry.